Changing your lifestyle can change the world

Posted by Fernanda Romero

Our lifestyle impacts our environment like a Butterfly Effect, every little action has consequences, sometimes bigger than we can imagine. 

We know for a fact the seas and oceans all over the world are struggling with tons of plastic waste coming from bottles, bags, and other kinds of food and product’s packaging that can’t be recycled. But believe me or not, this is just the top of the iceberg in the massive problem of ocean plastic pollution we are going through.




Microplastics: The invisible enemy

This trouble is getting out of our hands and is already spreading beyond the ocean’s surface. In fact, we are just beginning to understand it’s real magnitude: these single-use plastics are carried by the wind and rivers downstream into the sea; there, the larger pieces of materials break down into smaller ones until they become microplastics. 

These invisible and letal particles not only come from packaging, bottles and containers. They have another source even more common that we just recently realized, like dish soap, personal care products and even cosmetics. The most worrying thing about this, is that these microbeads travel directly from our sinks into the ocean ending up in all kinds of sea creature’s stomachs including those that live down into the depths and those in the surface consumed by us.

That’s right, the harm we’ve caused is coming back to us in the form of food. In fact, according to The World Health Organization (WHO), we ingest around 1,000 plastic particles only by salt consumption. In case you forgot about it, the salt that we consume everyday comes from the ocean. 



What can we do about it?

As you could see, changing our consumption habits is not enough, solving this issue requires an entire lifestyle change, beginning from the things we use on a daily basis.

So, the next time you go to the market, try to take some time to analyze the plastic footprint of the products you plan to buy and opt for those that represent less damage to our world. Nowadays there are many options of eco-friendly solutions that you can easily buy from your smartphone or computer.

Let's make an example: instead of using soap with microbeads and a non recyclable soft plastic scouring pad for wash your dishes, you can buy our 100% biodegradable and compostable Eco-Sponges complementing with the DISH BLOCK® of No Tox Life brands.  With this simple step you’ll pass from throwing microplastics through your sink every day, to provide nutrients to your garden’s soil. 

We know this kind of change doesn’t happen overnight, it requires a lot of determination, perseverance and knowledge, but right now is the best time to begin. 

By: Paulina Arias