Cleansing negative energy with sea salt

Posted by Fernanda Romero

How Sea Salt Works

Water has a memory which means it holds the thoughts and emotions emitted by people around it. Water absorbs and holds energy effectively.

 When you use water to cleanse your aura it can absorb negative energy and remove it from your energy field.

 When salt is added in this water it further increases the power of water to cleanse the negative energy.

 Different kinds of sea salts with different power limits

The salt you use for cleansing should be unprocessed sea salt. Himalayan sea salt is the purest form of salt that comes from the Himalayan mountains. It contains high minerals.

 There are also black sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, kosher diamond crystal salt, and Japanese big-flake salt available which can help you to cleanse negative energy.

 How to use sea salt for cleansing negative energy

1. Take sea salt bath to remove negative energy: If you are feeling tired and drained take bath by adding rock salt or sea salt to the water.

You can also soak yourself in warm salt water in a bathtub. This helps to remove negative energy from your aura.

Sea salt bath to remove negative energy is a quick and full-proof method to make you feel refreshed and active.

 2. Soak your feet in saltwater: If you don’t have time for a saltwater bath then just dipping your feet in salt water can also help.

Take a bucket of warm water, add salt to it and soak your feet for ten minutes. Just like the freshness, you feel when you wet your feet in the seawater by walking around the edge.

 3. Cleanse the floor with saltwater: Mopping your floor with salt water is a great way of cleansing negative energy. It brings positivity and freshness to your room. Instantly you can feel the difference.

 4. Cleanse the corners of your room with saltwater bowl: Negative energy gets collected at the corners of your home especially after some event or get together.

 Add some sea salt into a bowl of water and keep it in the corners of your room for several hours. Afterward, drain this water in the washbasin.

 5. Visit a beach: If you happen to stay close to the sea then you’re really lucky! Spend some time in seawater to feel clean and grounded.

 Spending time on the beach enhances your mood with positivity, releasing negative energy from your aura.

 Advantages of using sea salt for energy cleansing

• Saltwater bath is the best detox tool to cleanse your aura and to remove toxins from your body.

 • Sea-salt cleanse increases your health and vitality.

 • Sea salt cleansing increases the circulation in your body resulting in many health benefits.

 • With this cleansing, your soul will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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