Switch on your self-love

Posted by Fernanda Romero

We tend to leave self-love behind, the daily hustle and bustle, the thousands of worries, the kids, the work, everything has priority, but... what about you?

The reality is that we give what we have and in the chaos of life its easy to lose sight of ourselves and end up with nothing but frustration, sadness, helplessness, and a strong feeling that we aren't good enough!!

There's nothing good about having low self-esteem, and giving others love and joy requires a strong heart and soul.

To get better at lighting things around you, we invite you to use the following tips.

Perform an inner evaluation

Learn to see the light in the darkness of each moment with this exercise:

First, you have to make your world stop so you can take a detailed look at yourself.

Next, focus on your breathing to enter into a meditating state; we recommend using VITA PARFUM FLAMMA essence and candles during meditation to really connect with yourself and activate the power of transmutation! 

Relax and see your inner self while analyzing past events that left you with low vibrations like sadness, disappointment, frustration, or anger. 

Once you have a clear vision of the bad times, ask yourself what they taught you and then visualize the memory being filled with bright purple light (the color of transmutation)Finally, thank the universe for that memory and let it go, let it return transformed and full of light to the place and time that corresponds to it. 

If you do this every day your frequency will start to rise quickly and you'll feel happier and full of energy!

Visualize yourself full of self-love

Write down all your activities and reserve a space each day for you. Use that little bit of time to read your favorite book, watch that Netflix series you left on the back burner or anything that comes to mind, the goal is that every day you pamper yourself by doing something you love.

Just like you wouldn't miss a date with your boyfriend or a date with your girlfriend, don't let yourself down! Respect your schedule and prioritize your time with you.

Also, take a moment to give yourself a big hug every morning and spend time asking yourself how you feel, what you expect from the day, and visualize yourself succeeding in everything you do.

Finally, in your meditation time, use the FLAMA essence to awaken your self-love every day. Think more often in your future plans and don't forget to set a date to fulfill your dreams.

Watch the results

Using these techniques throughout your daily life will make you feel like your days are getting lighter and the love you feel for yourself is reflected towards those around you.

I dare you to love yourself like you've never loved anyone before! Today is the best day to start.