Perfume's forgotten virtues

Posted by Fernanda Romero

Perfume radiates sensuality, beauty, power, status and even a certain frivolity, but it wasn't always this way. Its origins go back to immemorial times, when our ancestors first exposed aromatic woods and resins to fire.


Omnipresent aromas

We used to consciously appreciate images, sounds and even sensations, but we perceive the aromas more subconsciously. We let our sense of smell act in the background, until we are awakened from a deep sleep by a hitch of scent, remembering the true scope of that sensation, capable of transporting us to the farthest place on earth in a second, capable of evoking the clear memory of a loved one and of dusting off any memory from the past by bringing it back to the here and now in luxurious detail. 

Perfume's Journey

Our ancestors recognized the benefits of scent from the beginning, using it as an offering to their gods. Since then, perfume had a divine connotation and use, and was later used in various religious rituals.

Over time, as more and more new ingredients were added and powerful effects on the body were recorded, perfume began to be used for medical purposes.

When its popularity reached its peak, it was predictably monopolized by royalty and the wealthy, and places imbued with delicious aromas became synonymous of power and opulence. 

The captivating elixir made its way around the world and through time, becoming more and more popular and a weapon of seduction with the arrival of the Renaissance era.

During the 1950s, perfumes continued to be at the top, side by side with fashion and haute couture, which added to its symbolism: status, avant-garde and beauty. 

Perfume today

The digital boom marked the final evolution of perfume as we know it today. Science and nature, human and artificial intelligence, merge and are now at the service of master perfumers who captivate the world with an unimaginable number of creations.

But despite today's immense variety, something was needed, especially for those whose technological awakening had also brought an awakening of conscience. 

At VITA PARFUM we sought out essences and aromas that, in addition to bringing freshness and beauty, could generate a deep connection between us and Mother Earth. Fragrances that are capable of elevating our spirit and confidence.

We went through the history of perfume in search of its purest essence, placing it in a bottle full of magic and high vibrations.