Relax your mind and body with aqua yoga

Posted by Fernanda Romero

Aqua yoga is the perfect encounter between our body, mind and spirit through meditation, relaxation, flexibility and our close connection with our spiritual selves.

Aqua yoga: the mindfulness practice by excellence

What makes this variant of yoga so special is the magic of water, as it uses its healing and spiritual power to maximize the benefits of this ancient practice.

Having to submerge to perform the postures leaves us with no other choice but to focus all our attention on the here and now to have perfect control of our breathing in and out of the water. This characteristic makes aqua yoga a perfect mindfulness activity.

The benefits of aqua yoga

Practicing yoga on a daily basis offers multiple physical and mental benefits such as concentration, coordination, flexibility and muscle tone.

Our sleeping and resting habits are also favored, as our breathing improves and our stress levels decrease.

By adapting to the aquatic environment, this discipline becomes a very relaxed and low-impact activity because it uses water as a resource to reduce stress on bones and joints, achieving the same results with less physical impact.

Thanks to this adaptation, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum, making yoga an ideal and accessible alternative for anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

How and where is aqua yoga practiced?

The practice of aqua yoga can be done in open water such as a lake or the sea, although it is more common to practice in indoor pools, heated and specially designed for this activity.

Of course, it is always done in the company of an expert (especially if you are a beginner) and under the consent and supervision of your family doctor.

Now that you are familiar with this innovative aspect of yoga, connect with the spirit of water through an AQUA essential oil and begin renewing your energy and soul.