Spring ritual to attract happiness

Posted by Fernanda Romero

Springtime is a perfect opportunity to start new projects and refocus the endeavors we've already begun. This spring equinox, let's celebrate life, attract new happiness, and watch the seeds of true potential flourish and bloom.

Celebrating these seasonal festivities deeply connects me to Earth. Spring represents the emergence of and abundance of life; you can harness its energy and make it work in your favor.

There are several rituals that help you achieve this. One of the best known is to visit a very high place during the spring equinox to receive the energy of the sun, especially at sacred places such as the pyramids of Teotihuacán or Chichén Itza, in Mexico.

But without a doubt my favorite ritual is to take an energetic bath, which will help you clear the paths of all the good that is to come into your life. I recommend you use some petals of your favorite flower: remember that orchids are considered the plant of happiness!

You can maximize these energies with the help of a candle and (why not?) some essential oil. I especially recommend our TERRA CANDLE, which will offer you a moment of relaxation and connection with the earth thanks to its aroma of sandalwood and cedar.

Now is the time to catch that positive energy. This bath will purify your thoughts and help you better move towards happiness. This spring I invite you to connect with mother nature and discover what will make you feel fuller and more alive.

Do you know any other rituals to attract good energies during this spring season? I would be delighted to read you.

Happy Spring!