Vita Parfum Oil Set

Vita Parfum Oil Set



Product Description

“Vita Coco Tulum” t’s known as a Mayan tradition that Coconut it’s a good energy cleanser.10% of sales go to “Amigos de Sian Khan” to help nature and animals in danger.

“Vita Flamma” The Body of the fragrance is an amber sandalwood complex enhanced by a light floral orchid accent.

“Vita Terra” “Terra,” Derived from the first root chakra, Muladhara, this fragrance is a warm interpretation of woody fig complemented by green moss notes and smooth accents of sandalwood and cedarwood.

“Vita Aqua” Aqua. A Fragrance founded on freshness and clarity, this scent calls upon the crisp notes of Kai Gardenia.

“Vita Aer” A mystical scent derived from the concept of freedom, this fragrance blends white rose and quartz with the fresh dew and honeyed-fruit quality of pristine white rose petals.

“Vita Petit” It’s a mix of Moonstone and Amethyst properties, provides the baby with the necessary tools to function in the world, empowering their emotions with its particularities so that they grow with self-esteem and solid security to face the world

Additional Information

Weight 0.625 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 2 x 3 in