Mother’s Day Meditation: A Scent of Love & Self-Care

Posted by Fernanda Romero


As this year’s Mother’s Day approaches cherishing your inner strength and  womanhood becomes as important as ever when reminding yourself that being  a mother isn’t only about showing gratitude and care towards others, but also  about loving, celebrating, and healing your own mind, body, and spirit. 

Life can get pretty hectic and it’s only natural to ask how within the tight and ever busy schedule that comes along with motherhood can we find a way of  grounding and embracing our inner self. Well, the answer comes along within the  quietude, serenity, and self-reflection that yoga and meditation offer.  

So, take a deep breath, and let´s embrace this journey as mothers together. Why meditate? 

When talking about meditation, most people think of it as a way of tuning out  everyday life, blocking inner thoughts and emotions while sitting in plain silence  and solitude. Quite on the contrary, yoga, and meditation have to do with  mindfulness, awareness, and self-reflection. It isn’t about ignoring the things that 

surround us, but rather embracing them from a new perspective by being  present. 

Reducing stress levels, improving overall health and sleep, as well as gaining  energy are some of its most well-known benefits, but today we want to share with  you how this sacred and traditional practice nourishes motherhood by reflecting  upon the power of bringing life into existence.  

Yoga & Motherhood 

Just as in motherhood, our body is meant to be loved and doted on. For women  all over the world, yoga has become a key element in their daily routine as the  many benefits of its practice shine through life’s ever-changing tides.  

As we know, the arrival of a new baby is a blessing all by itself; a living miracle  born out of pure love. Sweetness and innocence nest their way into our home as  families —especially mothers — embark on a transition that embodies the journey  of a lifetime. 

In between all these changes, finding the time to nourish and thank our body as  well as our mind for creating the sacred home of a new life can prove to be more  difficult than expected. Fear not, because finding balance while in this self healing process is one of the many blessings meditation and yoga offer. 

Especially for new mothers, yoga also proves to be a great opportunity for  bonding with their baby through skin-to-skin, as well as eye-to-eye contact. 

Overall, this is a soothing activity both for the baby and the mother by providing  a feeling of safety and calmness. Please do take notice that these types of  practices should be done under expert supervision. 

How to start? Baby steps… 

It’s ok, we understand that some me-time or even taking a few minutes to breathe  can feel impossible when you’re a mother. Don’t beat yourself up over what you  feel or may experience, each woman has her own take on motherhood and, even in the most stressful of times, you are powerful and divine. 

Instead, try looking at it from a different perspective. Just like any other skill,  meditation is a practice that requires time and making a habit out of it. So, even though “day one” may feel far away right now, you can start with small changes. 

Why not meditate while laying down? Or even starting each morning by  practicing gratitude. As each day comes by, you’ll find it easier to adapt tiny  habits into your life, and this soon becomes a routine. So, whether you’re a beginner or a yoga pro, remember to be gentle and caring with yourself. After  all, we’re here to learn, right? 

Finding the perfect spot to meditate  

So, you’ve decided to embrace yoga as well as meditation, what to do now? As  you’ve come to realize, one of its advantages relies on being able to practice it  almost anywhere, anytime. Nevertheless, there are a few pointers that need to  be considered when trying to build a quiet and safe space to begin this journey. 

  1. When opting for the perfect spot, start by choosing a space that has good  lighting while still allowing you to have some privacy. 
  2. Set up the ambiance with calm, soothing colors. You’ll definitely want to  avoid a palette that’s too bright and distracting.  
  3. Welcome nature into your home by adding some plants. For a little  something extra, enhance the setting with a bit of room spray that allows you to have a breath of clean and fresh air. 
  4. Light some scented candles or incense sticks and practice a deep cleanse by nourishing your senses. 
  5. Don’t forget to ground yourself, grab your favorite yoga mattress, and just  like that, you’ve built yourself a top-notch space to practice yoga and  meditation.

It’s all about the love & self-care 

As we navigate through the most precious moments of motherhood, as well as its hardships, let’s take a moment to thank ourselves and the Universe for gifting us  with the strength and nourishing power that lie within every woman. 

For all the mothers out there, I feel you, I hear you, and I stand by you, for we’re a  force that can’t be reckoned with. Though it may seem simple, meditation embraces a very powerful act of gratitude, love, and self-care, so welcome this  Mother’s Day by allowing yourself to be cherished and doted on. 

Much love,