Posted by Fernanda Romero

Everyone loves a good summer break but all things must come to an end. If you are like us, and are totally in love with the summer you might need some quick little pick me ups once in a while to keep the energy up during the change of season. Some of our favorites are :

1. Throw a end of the summer bash to soak up that final ounce of the season.
2. Eat mood boosting summer foods to help you stay happy and upbeat with theĀ changing of the season.

Some foods to consider:

- Cashews

-Ā Chickpeas

- Pumpkin SeedsĀ 

- Sesame SeedsĀ 

- Shrimp

3. Work out as much as possible. Go to the gym, take a dance class, or simple go for a run

4. Upgrade your wardrobe and play around with some new fall and winter looks

5. Start a fall bucket list and get excited for upcoming trips, new activities, and meeting new people.

Always remember to look at the change of season as an opportunity to recharge, rebrand, and restart.